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Hi! I'm Israel, and this is my corner of the web

Who am I? Why a blog? What will I be writing about? Why is 42 the answer to life... the universe... everything? Join me in this blog post where you'll find all about this new blog, and the content that will be posted here regularly!

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JAMstack and CD pipelines: Create a blog with Nuxt, Netlify CMS and Netlify

Setting up your own personal blog is easier than ever with Nuxt.js. Take advantage of the JAMstack and leave the problems that server-side CMS have with Netlify CMS' solution while simplifying your development experience with Netlify's Continous Deployment.

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International API - i18n + validation in Node.js' Express

Modern APIs should be able to talk to your users regardless of their language. Leverage Express-Validator and Airbnb's Polyglot.js to easily define translations, and talk to the end user in their preferred language.

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